In this universe, things were going well and peaceful between Gods of the Underworld, Sky, and Earth. Everything changed when the God of the Underworld was defeated during a card game against Sky and Earth Gods. He felt dejected, angry, and he grew suspicious of them both. As he unleashed his ultimate demon power, his revenge is unstoppable.
Create your strongest army by recruiting Legendary General, Aimless Demon, even Absurd Gods. Find the strongest combo skill from unique combination of your heroes in formation. And win all combat with your best strategy!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you feel strong enough to conquer the universe, you should take the champion trial by yourself to see how strong you are against other Gods. There will be endless battle, and endless reward on Champion Trial.
Some Gods are good and some are bad. Compose your best heroes formation to challenge the Demon God. Their secret of power is the God Stone, defeat them and collect God Stone to make your heroes stronger than before!
This feature is a great way for those player who love to fight player vs player and destroy opponents, thrashing sword, firing precise shots with their bow, or burning enemies to a pile of ash!
Immortal Dragon is back! Once he was trying to destroy the universe, but now it is your turn to stop him. Battle the immortal dragon with thousand player in server! Epic loot is awaiting!
The Grand Legendary Tournament is back! Lead your army of heroes and compete others. You also able to put bet and support your favorite team of heroes. Fight or watch? You'll decide yourself!
Go on an adventure alongside your adorable pet that gladly assists you. Collect and raise your pet! It can help you in battles by unleashing lots of different supporting skills! This is what makes your combat more exciting and fun!
Evolve yourself! With evolution, you will be stronger, deal more powerful attacks, and block any kind of strikes with your outstanding defense! Note that your weapon and armor will also become even more dashing!
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